Thursday, February 21, 2013


Very happy when I received these in the mail few days ago :D
Lately, I have some weird feelings about leaving school soon. Can you like imagine, life after this is just work work work?
Obviously no more 3 or 4 months semester break anymore :O
If I could, I want to study forever, no kidding. haha. study life is fun.

So yeah, I will be graduating this year in June/July and convocation in September. 

Okay, back to why I'm happy. haha. My Letter of Commendation came! Oh how I missed it. HAHA. crap. I got it during first semester in 2011 then missed it for two semesters, then it's back now! yay! I was half hoping for it but dismissed the thought when months passed after my results came out. lol. I know my average was high last semester lol. thank god. I knew I worked hard :D
So then, yay! 

and I proceed to opening the next letter. I saw it was from graduations office so I thought oh, maybe telling me when is the convocation and such. To my absolute surprise, I got in the Vice Chancellor's list! Totally made my day! Although I already got my conditional job offer for after I graduate, this is a plus! Totally! 

I will be taking three last subjects for this final semester. I want to score well. I have to! It's the last chance already. omg sad. I'm so gonna appreciate this final semester and appreciate studying before I go into the super stress grown up adult working world. 

And also, maybe some people think that results in uni or college is not important, as long as you pass and get the certificate. It is actually not true. Results are important as well apart from your personality and how you portray yourself. That's what I know from the interview I went for my job.  

A friend, well no, some friends told me that girls with good results are intimidating. NO. lol. Don't be afraid of me. I'm not the nerd type, if that's what you think. haha. toodles!

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