Tuesday, March 05, 2013

130214 Day 3

Warning: This post is very heavy with images. 

We went 1 Utama that day and sister bought her shoes!

edited with Pixlr Express!

We had wantan mee as breakfast at Restaurant Char Siew Zhai WanTan Mee
No. 5, Jalan 20/13, (Paramount Garden), Petaling Jaya 46300

then off we were at the mall. the CNY decorations.
Like those streets in olden days.

imagine my sister's and my face when we saw Jac. hahaha

Something happened before we took this picture. Look at me holding on to my lens cap so tightly. It was because this cap almost fell down to that old street props when I took the camera out of my bag. It actually flew and landed on the rim. Exactly on the bottom rim. Few cms more it would have dropped down on the roof of the props and I will have no way to get it back. LOL. I swear my heart stopped beating for a sec.

Then we went for house visiting. My aunt's sister's place. That's Ginger. 

I love the house so muchh. It's really really really big. 
Upstairs, behind, everywhere. Balconies everywhere. I only took pics of a few places. Scroll down.

gym room. lol. sister. 

Ginger and my uncle

me in pastel, holding the dog stick.

that's the neighbour's balcony. so pretty.

the other side of the house which can be seen from this side. lol. hard to explain. big house that's it.

Best thing is that they have ground floor garages. 
Meaning the house is actually above the garage/above ground and two floors.

back to reality. Sister's Nike Action Mogan 3 Lunarlon.

then food pics earlier at 1Utama. 


wojtek said...

Chiayi, you love fashion, food, photography, cars and consumer electronics - exactly this combination, it's like you're other me even though we're some 10'000 kilometers away :) My reflection is that this world has to be a small place after all. Anyways, just wanted to say. Cheers from Poland!

ps. ok, I don't like high cars ;)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

Hello Wojtek! :)
It's so cool we like the same stuff! Haha

Cheers from Malaysia!