Saturday, March 09, 2013

130215 Day 4

Here we go, back to the KL posts, Day 4!

My aunt did our eyebrows for us early in the morning. Eyebrows do make a difference. lol. somehow my face looks less round, and my sister looks so much more girlish. 
Problem is, I'm not good at drawing eyebrows, or drawing anything to be honest. LOL.
Maybe that is why I can never put on make up. I tried drawing eyeliner before. Fail max.. :/ 
I absolutely admire those with steady hands to draw it so nicely.
I only have steady hands for my heavy camera -__- 

We went to Sunway Pyramid for more shopping with Uncle Herman as well. :D


 After a lot of shopping, we had tea time at Secret Recipe. Cakes and tea. :)

 Cara Delevingne yay. my sister lol. 
Spot her in the picture above. lmaooo. 

 Nothing much to write about when most of the day was spent on shopping and more shopping. 
Told ya, eyebrows make a difference. sighh 
I don't know how to draw this eyebrow back alreadyyyy. helppppp.
But luckily it's easier to let me practice draw now because my aunt shaped them for me.

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