Tuesday, March 12, 2013

130217 Day 6

 Breakfast at:

Restaurant & Cafe Bliss 33
31-33, Jalan Usj 2/2c, Subang Jaya, Selangor 47600

Very niceeee! I like! the breakfast set comes with drinks too at a reasonable price.

Lunch at IOI Mall Kenny Rogers Roasters.

 then, it was time to go home...

At the Subang airport waiting.
Thank you uncle and aunt for treating us so well, brought us for good food (too bad not all places I wanted to go are opened, due to CNY).


A very random thing that happened.
I was scrolling on tumblr and saw a series of Yoona's pictures at Incheon Airport. Her airport fashion is the best. Then I was like hey.. this hat looks familiar.
I thought it was similar to my H&M hat I bought during the USA vacation.
Then, I found my old picture. It's exactly the sameeee oneeeeee.
Okay, maybe you don't understand my excitement, but if you happen to have the same item as your idol, it's a very happy thing. hahahaha

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