Monday, March 04, 2013

130304 First Day

First day of my last semester today. I had two subjects today, 3 hours each. It was really really tough on me. lol. I don't know if it's my brain being stale over the holidays or these subjects are really too heavy.
For the first hour I felt stressed out, because as usual, first day of class, we were informed on assignment dates etc etc. And for some reason, unlucky us, our syllabus always change for the harder with more research papers to do. Seniors had it easier. SIGH. 

So much at stake with this final semester results. So many group presentations/assignments/ individual case study, literature review, journals, articles, research. Omg feel the stress drowning me again. Hopefully all goes well :D 

Okay, so since I had the same break time as my sister. We went to Penang Golf Club for lunch. It is just right beside Inti. lol. So near yet I've never been there during break time before. Sister told me about it so we decided to go. 

Sakurajima (樱岛) Japanese & Chinese Restaurant

They were so nice. There's 5 of us and all tables are placed for 4. Round tables left but I felt like so weirdd. Those round tables look like those tables you go when you are at a wedding dinner which serves 10 person. While I hesitated, the waiter asked if we want to go to the room instead. I was like okay, I thought it was more convenient for them. BUT THEN, they on the air con, let us sit down and order and closed the door. woahh lol. I was like uh oh, we ain't gonna order anything expensive alsooo. hahaha

Anyway, it was very nice. Very quiet surroundings and the fried rice, NICE. Coming from a fried rice person like me, you should trust me. haha!
They serve Japanese and Chinese food. I tried Yong Chow Fried Rice. RM6 onlyyyy. The tom yam fried rice was good too. Green tea is for free.

Super happy! Because it's so nearrrr to INTI. like 2 minutes away? awesomeee. Even nearer than the nearest hawker center- Super Tanker, better even there's air cond., and it's like those very comfortable big restaurants.

 seeee. like VIP. lol lol

and a pic of my sneaker wedges I wore to class today. 

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