Thursday, March 21, 2013

130306 Foooood

A very food-filled day. Went to Manhattan Fish Market with mummy. Used my student card for the student meal but I chose a regular Feesh and Cheeseee. idk is it spelled like that. urm.. but anyway, the only difference from Fish and Chips is that the chips have cheese on it. lol lol. then mum ate my student meal instead. Wrong choice. We chose a chiekn thingy. (picture below). It's like chicken rice but not as nice as chicken rice. Too much 'bak'. LOL

Successfully trained my mum into my personal photographer. hahahah

yup this chicken thingy I mentioned earlier.

at this point, I don't know what to do with hair nor my fringe. long fringe is annoying, I miss my short fringe. I miss my shorter hair too, but I like having long hair sometimes?! zzzzz. dilemma forever. I wish I have a bigger forehead.then I can have nice bangs.

We shopped around for a while and went to Tong Pak Fu for Coffee Ice. We also ordered cheese sausages. SO NICE.

Later at night, dad wanted to eat Lok Lok so we went to Super Tanker.
I don't know why I was so in the mood that day. LOL

Very nice fried chicken!!! It's on the same row as lok lok store.

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I'm so gonna try that chicken soon