Friday, March 08, 2013

130308 Uniqlo, Queensbay Mall

Today was the grand opening of Uniqlo at Queensbay Mall.
I decided to go to capture some photos for my blog and to show my sister and maybe just because I want to fully utilize the free time I have now before all things go crazy with school.
Anyway, I arrived at the mall about 9.45am thinking I might be one of the first 20, seeing that it is just a weekday and I thought no one would be that free to go queue at a store for a free bag. 

Well, in fact, there are a lot of free people and no, there was at least 100 people in front of me. I fully understand the queue for the bag though. What I did not understand was the people who queued after the first 500. I mean, if you are not going to get anything, why queue?! why go squeeze with a bunch of people and queue for the fitting room. LOL

I managed to take photos before all crowd goes in and when the jeans and stuff were still neat and tidy. After lunch, a few hours later, I went back to the store, to see the queue is still really really long. Imagine from Borders to The Face Shop (center court), crazy right. 

I went into the store, walked one round, maybe half round, almost died of annoyance, too crowded, too many baskets hitting me, LOL, and ruined the mood to shop, so I decided to leaveeeee. Met so many friends and ex-colleagues.

the queue is like on Thanksgiving eve, queuing to go into shops to get really crazy 70-90% discounts which in this case, the reduction in price lasts till 14 March. LOL. Still got a few days alright alright. Tomorrow I'm gonna go buy books and hard disk using my book vouchers and see if Uniqlo is still this crowded. Gotta get clothes for my sisterrrrr.

My classmates, Carlyn, Laykiew along with ChiauYee and Adam went to Manhattan Fish Market for free Scallop Americana. Really it's free. As long as you have something purple on you and you are a female. Adam did not get the free food so he ordered Mediterranean Baked Fish. It's still as nice as the last time I tasted it. so awesomeee.

 freeee. but actually, I don't really eat scallops. lol lol


Adam, the only guy.

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♥♂ Ⓐⓓⓐⓜ ♀♥ said...

I think i just bought shirts that are too small for me.. hahaha
and they ARE... hahaha