Tuesday, March 26, 2013

130309 Alaska

There's something wrong with blogger at the moment. I wanted to post more photos but it keeps getting stuck when I press Enter. zz No idea why. I guess I will blog again tomorrow. 

Couldn't wait for the Radioshack hard disk already so I spent RM150 of book voucher first. Still patiently waiting forever for that hard disk omggg. The story of how those external hard disks sold out in a day is a very sad story and makes me regret till this very day -__-
Briefly, it was I thought there will still be stock on the next day so I could go with my sister. I even went early in the morning just to find out no more. all gone. and until today, exactly 2 weeks, the stock is not here yett. grrr gahhhh

So, quick buy, I bought two books. I have been wanting to read Looking For Alaska for the longest time ever but I kept reading other books first. Why? No idea. If everything happens for a reason, the reason is this. HAHA That I get to read the real book instead of ebook. To be honest, I can't really choose if I like real books more or ebooks more.

E-books: convenient, can curi curi read during class..., can bring it everywhere because it's on my handphone, can read before sleep in the dark when my sister is asleep. don't need to pay a single cent.. :|

Real books: the smell of the book. LOL. the font. the paper. the physical touch. expensive. hard to carry around everywhere. needs a bookmark. lolll.

but anyway, because I'm too busy reading Jodi Picoult's latest book The Storyteller now, these two books have to wait.
Gayle Forman's Just One Day is also highly rated on Goodreads. so we will see :D

oh. and I bought myself a keyboard. Probably the happiest buy of the day!
I chose the one with media keys above and the keys made my life so much better. Ever since I switched to connecting my laptop to my new desktop screen and I used my old keyboard daily, I find it so troublesome to adjust volume and click to the next song. This keyboard just have it all. hahaha works on Spotify too!

 This is just something I saw one day when I drove past. lol. if decorated, it will look really pretty. The plants sorta grow on the wire and framed the road. I don't know if this is dangerous. LOL

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