Sunday, March 24, 2013

Asia Super Showcase 2013


 I have heard about rumours that SNSD is coming to Malaysia until last week, the news is confirmed!
They will come along with AOA and another third kpop group which is unannounced yet. I'm hoping it's SHINee!! EXO! or f(x) or CNBLUE or FTISLAND. 

Anyway, the ticket sales was supposed to be opened on Monday, but very fortunately, the night before, Friday night I saw that it's going to start selling on Saturday morning 10am! I checked the ticket outlets and the next morning went straight to Neway Queensbay to get them.

When we reached about 9.50am, there were some people there already. Waited waited waited and being super nervous because Neway opens later and all KL outlets opening at 10am. ughh.
After a long wait, finally, we got them! Super zone right zone tickets! Right zone because Yoona appears mostly on that side. HAHA. yayyyy happy super happy! the tickets are RM408 after 10% early bird discount. Free standing. It's the nearest one can get to the stage alreadyyyy apart from VIP.

I can't wait! Please let the third group be a group I like!

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Thomas said...

Hope that the 3rd group is F(x) or BoA if its under SM artist. =D But i think hard to make it.