Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Morning

I don't know why Blogger's html encoding is still giving me problems whenever I'm updating my blog. hmm.
Anyway, I woke up having one of the most tiring dream one can ever have. Apart from being chase down to death, unable to locate my car in the parking lot and constantly running for no reason; my dream has brought tiredness to a whole new level.
I have never had this kind of dream before, or so I remember.

Today, well last night, I dreamed that I was riding a bicycle. It seems like there's no car in the world of my dreams. I rode everywhere. Rode along with my handsome neighbour which I woke up forgetting how he looked like. I rode while "fetching" my sister to school. (that only explains what a responsible sister I am, which she argued it's invalid), because in the dream, I rode, but my sister walked alongside. Even in my dreams she can't ride a bicycle, and the weirdest thing is, bicycles in my dream are only as fast as walking speed. WHY?! lol.

And it's the most tiring thing because when I can't ride anymore she had to give me a push. Even my handsome neighbour gets tired riding the bicycle. I remember him stopping to rest. It meant that riding a bicycle is nothing but a slow, heavy and tiring transport in my dream world.

I also rode to a haunted house along with a friend of mine, and found a cafe in the house itself. And the manager told us he is hiring. Now that I'm typing this, I realize how creepy it is to be wanted as a waitress in a haunted house. And no, I did not encounter any ghosts or anything in the house. Maybe it's because I never watched a haunted movie in my life other than accidental short clips on TV, I don't think I have ever dreamed of ghosts coming after me or things like that. I only had assassins and men in black chasing after me. But trust me, the dream that mentally wears me off each and every time in dream and after I wake up is the exact same one. The Dream where I can't find my car in the parking lot, and in every dream, every parking lot is different. I have stopped dreaming that kind of dream for months already, maybe it was just that phase of life I had. And in reality, I have never once can't find my car in the parking lot. haha

I don't know how I can write so much on a stupid dream. I always have dream stories to tell people if I'm in the mood, because 80% of the days, I actually remember them after I wake up.
Anyway, here you go, I wanted to share one song, and unconsciously I shared two instead.
Not exactly the type of songs you want to listen first thing after you wake up.

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