Friday, March 15, 2013

Random Photos

The weather is so hot nowadays it drives me crazyyyyy. 
I don't know how time flies and yet passes slow at the same time everyday before I fall asleep. 

One of my favourite bags -the H&M bag Eunice got me, my fave fave Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. 
And my super lovely black boots. 

Thank you Jon for helping me get this from F21 when he was over in US. 

 The card to get free Nando's sauce. 

 the effect of 50mm f1.8 that dad bought me years back.
I tried bringing the prime lens out more now, but it's still very difficult, eg: I need to stand up from my seat in restaurants just to take a wider photo. And it attracts attention. If only zoom lens can be as lightweight and small-sized as this prime lens. 

this water gun has a very special purpose. And I use it almost on an everyday basis and I bet no one can guess why. Unless I told you. LOL

 mummy and I

 tea time with mum

Wanted to buy this navy blazer but the cutting just wasn't that good. ohmaigodd work life so sooooon. 

 free sauceeee. This is super nice. I chose Sweet hot because there's no chicken with this flavour and I was curious. 

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