Monday, April 22, 2013

130402 Breakfast & Redbox

Alrighty, finally have the time to post some pics up! 
On that very fine day, I went for breakfast with Chia Yee and Chun Yang at Old Town then lunch at Sushi King then Redbox with Yang and another friend.

It has been quite a while since my last karaoke? haha. okay, I'm not a good singer anyway so... haha

 3 CYs breakfast. with Chia Yee. same name :D

one day, I wanna collect many many Michael Kors watches. haha

at Redbox with another CY

haha pattern

and tada! a random picture of my mee that I cooked randomly on one random day. haha

and check out this Japanese song. lol ZE:A obsessed? haha. now I can't wait till SHINee's new song come out! this week! Lacking nice new korean songs at the moment. As for English songs, no need intro lah. everyone also knows lai lai ki ki the same ones on radio everywhere. haha

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