Monday, April 29, 2013

130427 Taemin and Naeun We Got Married ep 1

If you don't know what's We Got Married then nevermind, ignore this post. If you do, or you are feeling experimental, click the link below and watch. It's actually a virtual marriage show that last for a long time, meaning, those artists idols are like in a real marriage except it's not 'real' real.
I had to share this one! Because so many people were desperately looking for subtitles. haha
It's chinese subtitles though.
Taemin from SHINee is so cuteeee. and Naeun from A-Pink looks different for some reason. She looks way prettier and cuter back then.
I was kinda against this whole thing at first. but oh well, more Taemin to watch, and well they look alright. Naeun's nice so far. She's so luckyyy. haha.

english subs here: their part starts from Part 3.

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