Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Catchy Tune-y

Just wanted to share this song! It's so catchy. I wasn't really a fan of ZE:A but I like three guys in there so.. haha. and I came across this video one day and really liked it.

ZEA:FIVE is a subgroup from ZE:A so there are only five members.
What are the odds that the three guys I like are all in this sub group. HAHA so check out their dance practice video and their music video.

When watching the dance practice, notice the guy in black tshirt and black jeans. That's DongJun. super cuteee. He wears green stripes in the music video.
and HyungSik should dress better la wei. He's the tallest guy, the one in white tee. In the music video, he is the most handsome one, with combed up fringe.
Fun fact: He's one of the idols who comes from a very wealthy family apart from Siwon from Super Junior. loll. HyungSik is adorable as well. haha you would love him if you watched The Romantic and Idol Season 1. Forgot to mention that he acts well too! check out the drama Nine.

This song is a ballad I guess? Not their usual dance songs so the choreo and music is very relaxing.

Okay, enough procrastinating. Back to studying for mid terms tomorrow.

p.s. OMG my blog post title so lame. loll.

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