Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chocolate Cookie Crumble

As title above, we finally tried the Chocolate Cookie Crumble frapp from Starbucks! Sister still thinks Java Chip tastes better. Probably the mocha in there. So the next time I want to try the Mocha Cookie Crumble.

We had Starbucks after dinner at Sushi King. It's a kind of relaxing day today as Ai-Lynn came over and did part of our literature review yesterday and we are like 90% done, so I proceed to prepare my powerpoint slides for presentation. I don't know if I ask too much from myself which then stresses myself out or I'm really not that good in making slides. haha. why my friend's slides always look so cute and colourful, mine's like so simple and boring. I tried to add a few clip arts though, to make it erm, more interesting! 
I think my slides are kinda nice now, I don't know. Maybe I will show a glimpse of it soon.

I'm currently yawning while typing this. I feel very deflated with the fact that there's whole day class tomorrow. lol. what a lazy person I am. I really wanna spend more time perfecting whatever assignments we have right now. haha. do-or-die semester. the end of student life omggg.

 Chocolate Cookie Crumble and Java Chip

very hardworking me bringing my report out so I can draft some slides up. haha. no, actually not very hardworking. I do this so I won't feel guilt when I watch my shows later on.

tadaaa! love the chocolate whipped cream on top!

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