Thursday, April 25, 2013

Constance J. tweeted me!

When this post is up, I'm probably trying to slap myself awake in class. 
Anyway, just wanted to share this! OMG OMG OMG. 
This is such a surprise and actually made me super happy! 

I bet everyone reading this blog has seen her before. Constance Jablonski is that blue eyed beauty Estee Lauder french model on TV, in Jusco, on their ads everywhere. loll. H&M has her too and blablabla a lot more. 
Anyway, the reason why I tweeted her was I actually did not really tweet her. I tagged her. I realized her photo on Instagram was really weird and I thought it looked like a puzzle so I clicked on her profile and saw her genius work! She was making her face with like 9 pictures. Liu Wen did that on her instagram too. That's super coooool! and In like 10 minutes she retweeted me and said "Happy you like it ;) !" 
OMGG and then a bunch of random people favourited and retweeted me and replied me. My momentary fame on twitter. LOL

Go google image her pics because I cannot decide which is my favourite one to choose and post it here. haha.

And actually, there's two things I want to write in this post but I forgot. All I know is I'm really sleepy and I'm gonna climb into my bed to sleep right now. Good night folks. I mean good afternoon (when this post is scheduled.) haha. 

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