Friday, April 05, 2013

Random Photos

Tried using double eyelid glue. It worked like finally but it doesn't last long. loll. my eyelids are way too stubborn. On days when my eyes aren't so puffy, a little double eyelid is actually visible. But unfortunately, my eyes are puffy 90% of the days -__-

howww. why my hair won't go anywhere I want them to. like in those movies they just sweep their hair... ughhh. if you see properly, my hand is grabbing my hair the other way.

  super excited the day I got my Canon Cleaning Kit! haha. happy happy!

Got a complimentary Starbucks as well with Starbucks voucher. Java Chip and Dark Mocha. ahh feel like drinking it now!

And finally the video below! I have been waiting for Fashiontv to post it!
Jac Jagaciak <3

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