Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Photos

These two pictures were taken on a very fine day when mum and I went to Penang Golf Club to have lunch together. I braided my fringe on top but I didn't take a picture of it -.-
And why the skin so perfect? Because I used the Beauty Shot mode on my Note 2. HAHA

see, back to reality. eh beauty shot lightens everything including dark circlessss.

This fluffy lounge wear we bought from Uniqlo.
while bringing my husband's picture along with me home. *points below*

Francisco Lachowski! his instagram is chico_lachowski. go see his new born baby Milo. 
he's one year older than me only.

all the pattern banyak photos. I think my hair needs to go back to that length. it's a lot longer now. 

WANT THIS SHIRTTT. waiting for it to be discounted. loll. 
I realize Forever21 mark down their prices so often nowadays. 
Better wait, if it's gone then.. oh well..

Penang Golf Club Japanese food

J.L. Gourmet at Prangin Mall. it's been a whileee.

on the way to Alor Star

oh hai Cara

Snowman tomyam mee.

assignment in school

random breakfast at college. LOL

the best Jave Chips ever because I bought it after a long day of work.

DIY studs 

pink flowers at Queensbay

McD again! Manager's treat during my part time work last year end.

Shortbread- but not bread. they are biscuits.

chicken rice. BEST

tomyam mee tapao from Asia Cafe

Kenny Rogers Roasters

new Mocha muffin is very niceee

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