Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In the midst of busy and hectic study life, I simply celebrated my birthday 3 days ago. haha. 
And I really want to complain about how much I hate reports/assignments with word limits. Seriously, can't you just let me express whatever I want to express to my heart's content? LOL. I know we are supposed to be concise, precise, compact in whatever we are writing but gahh. 
The amount of research I have done: the report produced is like 10:1.

Next, I'm so busyyy. five hours extra Asian Management classes today and seven hours tomorrow. But I kinda like the prof from Perth though. She's nice. Still, ahh I need more time to do assignments. Asian Management is a very tedious and boring subject but our lecturer is a very good lecturer. He's super helpful and you can feel it whenever a lecturer is being sincere. 

So I have a report to finish, a presentation to prepare and a literature review to be done. And also, I'm soooo looking forward to meeting SNSD soon. hahaha. crazy. I just feel like I don't even have time to breathe nowadays but yet, I'm still gaining weight like nobody's business. Here's the thing with me, I don't lose weight with stress like everyone else does. WHY. I don't know! Lack of sleep?= fat? Eat junk food? 
Ah. okay. cut the crap and rant. 

Here's a picture of Mango Snow ice at Tong Pak Fu. and a picture of Denise and I! <3 I will blog more about my birthday later or probably tomorrow. Gotta nail that 1500 word assignment first (wanna write more than 1500 lahhh D: )

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