Thursday, April 18, 2013


Before I talk about the pics, I want to ask everyone to go watch the korean drama Nine: Nine Times Time Traveler !!! I have never watched a korean drama like this and omg the suspense the plot everything is so intense and makes me feel like mindblown x1000.

If you like movies like Secret by Jay Chou or the Butterfly Effect, you should totally watch this. Just when I thought nothing more unpredictable could have happened, it proves me wrong! Finally catching up on the episodes right now and I cannot contain all these feelings. lolll I will recommend this drama to everyone like seriously. Even if you don't usually watch korean dramas, this one is epic.

Okay calm down. haha.

 my yellow cute boots say hiiii.


 cousin Sabrina and I

 lunch and shopping and dinner with cousin, sister and mum that day.

 both of them wore the same robot sweater :D heh. 


 dinner at Sunshine Square food court.


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