Thursday, May 02, 2013

130403 Nandos

The red jacket I bought last month. I love it so much haha it looks like those kind of short parkas and it's red!

and a military green jacket too. Don't think it's thick, it's actually not. haha. so good enough. I haven't wore it out yet though. Gotta wait for a cold rainy day or something. hahaha and I have always wanted a green jacket so... 

 Sarawak souvenir from Ken

 Gathering with Ken who came back from Sarawak for holidays. 
He was the only boy in our group in class. 

 oops out of focus laykiew and carlyn.

 YAY Nandos! My favourite. the wedges are really really niceee.


Tried the crisy crepe in peanut butter chocolate. Anyone tried the pizza cone at Gurney's basement? nice or nottt. tell me!

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