Saturday, May 04, 2013

130406 Nandos Again

Haha Just when I was typing the title, I realized that two blog posts in a row, I went to Nandos. lol. Last year December I applied the Nandos member card so in April they sent me a birthday card voucher which gives me a complimentary dessert and hot drink. 

 Mum is getting better and better in taking my pictures. hahaha the result of my training :P
and this was the first time I wore this sweater. It's super thick. lol It's actually lined with fur inside and made me look extra bulky instead. but nevermind, it's still super comfy :D

Missing coleslaw which they sent late. lol lol. and nope, I can't finish a half chicken, share share with mum. 

 the chocolate crunch cake. it's actually not bad but if I would have to pay for it, nope, won't order it. not worth. haha


 cropped my legs, because too fat. haha. pattern seriously I admit. 


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