Monday, May 20, 2013

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lol as you can see, my blog titles are starting to get as simple as possible. This post basically covers part of my birthday celebration, part only, cause I think I blogged some earlier. and some random photos from award ceremony and more random photos of Starbucks. lolll

 Firstly, some pictures from Siam Express.

 the tom yam is actually not bad. different from those tom yam we eat though like raja uda. totally different.

 random Queensbay mall wall decos near the toilet lol

 wait, what's this again? haha

 and then Daorae with parents. too busy eating so I didn't take pictures of all food.

 h&m dress.
 new shades.
long hair which I just cut short two days ago -__-
why ah, I really don't know. lol I guess I don't really care if my hair is short or long now because it grows like jungle, bushes or grass. Grows too fast. can't be bothered. hahahah

 the day we went out to get Starbucks from e-gate. buy 1 free 1. Tried Chocolate Cookie Crumble frapp. not bad. Java Chip is still my favouriteee.

 yah and I actually brought my presentation script a long.
wait, did I post this on my blog before or it's deja vu. LOL. I think my brain isn't working right after a long day of reading, annotating, highlighting hundred of pages of journals about corporate governance.

trust me. Starbucks always make a good picture. I just don't know why. Hence explaining the amount of Starbucks photos on tumblr. 

 classmates and I also attended the Inti award ceremony a day before my birthday. haha I remember I went for the first semester of my diploma and got too lazy during the continuous semesters to attend. but then, see I went during our final semester of my degree. a good start and end eh? loll

attire for that day. my lucky dress literally. haha 
alright I should sleep and schedule this to be posted tomorrow afternoon. byebyeee. 

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