Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Most Annoying People In The Cinema

I felt like I had to post this, seriously.
Because these people ruined two of the movies I watched in a row. Just my luck?! :/

1. If you want to discuss about movie, hold your breathe until the movie is over. OR wait for the DVD.

2. If you are so easily shocked, amazed or whatsoever, maybe you should watch DVDs. LOL

3. If you can't hold the amazement and feel the need to share it with your loved ones, please buy the two-person seats on the side.

4. If you don't understand the show and cannot wait till the show ends, maybe, use your phone and type on it to ask your friends? I mean like seriously? Let your friend explain the show to you WHILE other people are watching?? That's too much talking.

5. If you want to predict what's going to happen to the show, please make a mental note in your head, that's enough. OR buy the DVD and be a predictor to your friend throughout the whole show.

6. I don't want to sound mean and this may be unavoidable but.. some people just kinda smell weird..... oh well. sorry.

So, of course I went to watch Iron Man 3 on the release day itself (technically, the night before are the pre-release). Then, there were three teenage boys sitting next to me. First, they were very excited, can't stop talking about it. I was like fine, movie haven't start, nevermind.

BUT THEN, apparently, there's one of the boys who never watched Iron Man or just don't remember the details kept asking questions! and his friend, with a very proud tone, practically explained Iron Man 1 and 2 to him WHILE Iron Man 3 is going on. omg. I was at my boiling point but I didn't want to say anything because I thought they would be pretty embarrassed if I asked them to keep quiet, seeing they are teens and all. so that's number 4.

And then, the number 5 I mentioned above happened. They started predicting the show. I swear I hate this. Why are you ruining my suspense, my thoughts and my concentration on the movie in the cinema. CRAP.
And also obviously, the would discuss about the show. Number 1 strike. and they kinda smell... number 6.... sorry. this is mean, but really, I couldn't stand it. I can't believe one of my favourite superhero movie dropped a point in my ratings just because of the bad experience. lolll

Today, actually just now, I watched Oblivion with YongKai, a new friend together with Jon and BenJoon. so I sat on the left of all the boys, on my left, they were a couple. They looked older than us. maybe 25, 26? Anyway, this lady OMG I COULDNT STAND HER AT ALL. My frustration cannot be explained. Women, you are not a kid wei.. WHY. WHY are you like that?!

So firstly, she is very annoying. Probably the weirdest ever. At every not-shocking-at-all scene, maybe like when a robot gets boomed or something like that (I can't say more, no spoilers), she will be like oooohhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, wahhhhhh, oooooo, ehhhhhh.
Like hello?! Are you really that easily amazed? seriously? It would be tolerable if it's once or twice. or maybe at a mindblowing moment. fine. but weii, are you kidding me? This is a sci-fi, what you expecting? At every appearance or something, she will just express herself with all these weird noises.

Next, I don't know if she's trying to impress her boyfriend? or what?? She tries to predict every scene. Like he's going to... blablabla. that thing is going to blablabla. STUPID.

Then, she also keep asking questions. This type of person is the type I hate the most. You can ask after. no problem. but why ask during the movie? Obviously it's going to be explained! Hello, isn't that the whole point? Her ridiculousness is so ridiculous where the questions she ask, is also explained in the next second. omg. I'm really speechless at this point.

I kept staring at her. Very obvious. I moved my body and turned to look at her. to hint her that she should just shut up already, but nope, she doesn't care. -___- The thing is, I salute her boyfriend. Really. Her annoyingness is so over the top. Maybe they both should buy dvd go home and sit on the couch and watch. and she can talk throughout the whole movie and her bf can entertain her questions. Sorry I'm being so mean right now but really, the more I think about it, the more ridiculous it is.

If you are also a talker in a cinema, please don't do that? It's really quiet and actually half the row can hear you.... If there's someone like that in the next movie I'm watching, I will ask the person to shut up. for sure. I don't care if you feel embarrassed or what. seriously. ughhh

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