Monday, May 06, 2013


Here are some of the movies I watched recently and would like to share with you guys! Typing this while waiting for election results, scheduling this to be posted tomorrow.

I just finished watching it 2 minutes ago.  Safe Haven.
I sort of predicted the twist plot ending. lol. I don't know how people write reviews? I guess movie reviews always give the movie away? I'm actually a believer in not watching trailers or knowing anything before I watch a movie. depending on situation though, if I anticipate the movie too much, I will watch the trailer.
So I can only say that this movie is one of those somehow typical love stories but definitely will touch your heart in a way. 

As for Tom Cruise's Oblivion, I actually watched the trailer in the cinema some time ago and forgot about it. Then I went to watch the movie one random night and it was unpredictable in every way. in a good way. I liked the show. I came home and went online to search for the trailer and realized that if you watched the trailer beforehand, you might not enjoy the show as much as I do. Because it gave away a lot of plot.

Architecture 101 is the top rated movie in Korea last month. Apparently it became really famous until almost every tv variety show mentioned it. I rarely watch korean movies. I only watch dramas and their variety shows. So I gave this movie a go, and well, it's a movie about first loves and it's simple kind of love which there's no bravery and such and sometimes frustrates you. But I guess, these are the movies that you watch just for the beauty of it. lol

Iron Man 3! I think everyone watched it already. It's good! Because it's still Iron Man. and really.. is this the last movie? :( nooo...

Downloading this one day and watched it. and why is the poster above writing conning soon. hahah nevermind. so yeah, this is a funny movie and not bad though. Just for laughs. haha. 

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