Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random Photos

Good news: I have finally finished up all assignments, yep :D 
Bad, well maybe not so bad: Finals are in 3 weeks :(
I'm allowing myself a one day rest before I go back into full launch study mode. 

When I finish posting pictures to this post, I realized that random photos actually end up having a lot photos of me. haha. 
Currently listening to Demons-Imagine Dragons. Really loveee this song! 
and EXO's come back is so soon. yippee excited!

It's day 2 without sister at home and I miss her so much :(
And it makes me sad knowing that I'm having a much more comfortable life at home compared to her. 

I miss my hair. Please, someone stop me the next time before I go and cut my hair short. My hair is actually shorter than all the pics in this post by about 8-10cm. regrets. I probably need to go layer it again, it's too thick right now and with this shorter length, weird. 

I edited this. What type of editing is this called? idk I just adjust the curves so it looks like those tumblr vintage-y photos. lol lol 

the red jacket day, yep from previous posts. miss out this photos. I have an obsession with comfortable and smooth things. like bedsheets, towels. need to be super comfy. smooth as in not like silk smooth, but erm fleece kinda smooth. lol if you get what I mean. 

hair T_T
I genuinely admire people who can change hairstyles all the time because their face will still be pretty and small no matter what. With my big head big face and chubby cheeks. I really can't risk becoming a 'bao' or a bak face. :(
and people who look pretty no matter what angle they take pictures from. like korean idols. 

Eastin hotel. Taken on award ceremony day. 

HAIRRRR. lol. when I'm editing all these photos, my only thoughts are my long hair. 


Yep, you have finally came to the end of all my face/hair pics. haha. 
I watched Fast and Furious 6 yesterday and it was so freaking awesomeeeeee. So intense every single moment. I think I will go download the past fast sequels cause I kinda forgot how were the movies already.
And Paul Walker <3 why so hot! He looks a bit like Chace Crawford sometimes, for some reason I can't pinpoint. hie eyes maybe?
And for the first time ever, near the end of this movie, people in the cinema actually applauded. so awesome!

Also, I love Gal Gadot! She's so gorgeous like omg. Jordana Brewster is beautiful in another way. I don't really like Michelle Rodriguez. but, she looks like 陈妍希 sometimes. The bad version. it's so weird. LOL. 

If you haven't watch the movie, GO! 
Next up on my movie list is The Great Gatsby! Queensbay not showing -__- 


Anonymous said...

What software did you use to edit all your photos? They're really nice!! :D

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...

Adobe Photoshop CS6 :)