Thursday, May 16, 2013


Firstly, these few days have been crazy chaotic. So, I got stuck at the airport delayed for quite some time and it's my first time experiencing a delay after a delay which totaled up to 4 hours delay. So exhausted after that.

Secondly, there's three blackouts at my housing area yesterday for hours. and one black out today for hours. Let me tell you it was very very frustrating and it's not like I have the extra leisure time to not do my assignments and black torchlight shadows in the dark?!

Thirdly, this is not really a rant. more like an OMGGGG. I just finished the drama Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and I have mentioned this drama countless times on my blog. Everyone should watch it I'm serious! Unless you are not the kind of person who has much logic that can understand time travel, history changes and butterfly effect.
Most time travel dramas only involve going back once and coming back and the future doesn't change at all but this one is different.
Kudos to the famous writer of Korean dramas. The plot, story, logic everything was so well planned out and all of it make sense! I have never watched a drama this good. Like literally perfection.

Forgive me for my over excitement but omg after the last episode I was having goosebumps. I even went to read other fan's opinions about the ending  from the soompi forum and everyone kinda agreed on the same thing so if that's the ending. It's perfect. haha.

Bonus point is that these drama have the two cutest actor and actress. Plus plus point is that the main actor is very handsome and his eyes omg. Another plus point is the young version of the main actor is also handsome. hahaha. perfect I'm telling you.

okay, so now, go watch it!

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