Saturday, May 25, 2013


Irrelevant title. lol. I haven't got time to blog much or in fact do anything other than going to class, coming home, play some games, do my research paper, eat and sleep. sigh. I have been typing a lot, literally a lot, until my fingers hurt from using the mouse and keyboard too much. 

Since I got nothing interesting to tell you, I will just say that people do get old with stress, I think I aged like 3 years in this past 2 weeks and I'm not even kidding :<
For some reason, for the first time in this subject, we have to produce a literature review. Just our luck. sigh. Lion they all took this subject before it became so tough. So basically, all I have been doing was reading and reading research materials, thousands of pages of nonsense, okay sorry, not nonsense, lol, and then write a 15-25 page paper. I think we are aiming at 20 pages or so. Ai-Lynn comes to my house almost everyday just to finish this up. All I know is my thoughts are like a blur everyday, wake up, write, sleep. I pity myself a lot because finals are also coming soon and I want to get this over and done with :( 

My blog is getting uninteresting. lol. don't even have time to filter out my KL trip photos. headache. 
Idk why I'm telling you about my studies stuff but I really don't have anything else to update you guys on except the pimples growing, dark circles, eyebags. 

OH. okay something interesting. COUSINS VISITING SOON. from London. yayyyy. Kinda like a motivation for me to finish my stuff so I get to hang out with them when they come next week. I'm totally offering my room for my cousins because sister will be away during weekdays. 
yup. we throwing her out. no, kidding. she will be off to study at Matriculation college. lucky her, got the Penang one. lucky her, got picked for matriculation. good spm results too la ahem. haha. 

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