Friday, June 07, 2013

130511 KL Day 1 Part 1

In the midst of stress and busyness, here's the KL Trip post. halfway only. Need to focus on studying. Finals in one week plus. crap. So much stress!

No more ramblings. Picture time. 

Not much photos were taken during the trip because 
1. we spent a lot of time sleeping at my uncle's place. literally napping. not me, my sister. 
2. we were still devastated from the fact that SNSD wasn't coming.
3. I look really "old", as in 残. because usually we would go on holidays when it's really holidays, but this time, it's sorta in the middle of assignment craziness where I can hardly allow myself to breathe for the past weeks. so yeah....

our flight was kinda early so we went to the airport super early. check in, have breakfast at KFC because we don't know what to eat and thought of trying KFC Breakfast. LOL

 the uncle behind.... kept looking. probably thinking why this girl keep taking photos and both girls take turns to take each other's photos. HAHA

 luckily the set comes with two drinks. both of us don't really drink coffee. except well, starbucks mocha. 

 walked around. trying to take photos. 
wanted to take more plane pictures but uh.. there's only one plane at that time.....

another one zooming awayyy

then you have a picture of me.
and we reached KL. uncle picked us. settled down. and went Paradigm Mall to shop for a bit. 

skeleton pin. glow in the dark. for real. 
like the one f(x) Krystal wears. 

 Jo In Sungggg. omgg. I know some of my friends went to see him. jealous. def super handsome in real life. 

 at a shop named Kaison, which sold so many artificial flowers like seriously I have never seen so many flowers in front of me before. 

sister choosing flowers to make her DIY floral headband.

 nope friends, no one gave me flowers. I was just too bored there. 

while waiting for my sister... -_-

 uncle's carr.

there are still more to Day 1 but I need to stop here. gotta get back to my books. till then!

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