Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BTOB - 2nd Confession

Here's to share a song with you. I have always loved the chorus part of this song and today I finally have a good look at the music video. Minhyuk (the guy at 0:48) so adorbbb. Sung Jae (at 1:20) too <3

I'm often tempted to post random pictures of me together with videos I post but who wanna see my face after watching pretty people in pretty videos.. hahaha. Enjoy! A very sweet song :D

ohya, and a fun fact about btob, the guy who first appeared in the music video riding a bicycle, Ilhoon, is the guy who created/started the now very popular gwiyomi, he started it and another person was inspired by him and his cute moves and wrote the song. lol lol I bet none of you knows that. haha

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