Sunday, June 30, 2013


The dark grey denim jacket I bought from Uniqlo :D
and Forever21 plaid flannel shirt.

On a sidenote, I have been watching Heroes. Like finally. I love sci-fi but I didn't watch it earlier because I was afraid of the gory scenes. Now that I watch it, hmm, occasionally closing my eyes here and there and everything is okay. So far so good. There are so many heroes that I like and I can't really choose what ability I want if I could have it. haha 

Also, I realize that I don't have much pictures to update anymore. Slump during the past few weeks studying, exam was over and there's the haze. Now that it's better, I need to go out there and shoot some pictures I guess. heh. 

Here's a video of Go Joon Hee. One of my favourite actress/model recently. She's on We Got Married with 2AM Jin Woon. Look at herr! so gorgeous omg. I love her hair. I swear if I have a small face like her, I will definitely get that hair style. haha

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