Saturday, June 29, 2013


I was reading Inferno by Dan Brown. Stopping quite frequently because I had to study for exams.
When exams ended, I continue reading, but whyyy, why is it not as nice as before? lol. Maybe I'm bored of Robert Langdon and his adventures already. Or maybe I need some light reading and the book is kinda "heavy". Fion told me it's nice but I don't knowww. I rarely leave a book without finishing it. Unless it's really really bad. But yeah, I dropped it... Maybe one day I will come back. lol.

Started off with another book. This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz. It's funny, witty, written simply, sort of like a diary from first person's point of view. Not sure how good it is, yet.

And as you guys know, I'm currently on holidays. Not really holidays but the transition from student life to working life. Will try to do as much as possible during this 3 weeks!

Anyway, here's to share two songs.
JaeJin, Ryeowook and Luna were acting for the High School Musical Korean Version Musical. As in actual musical. They released the music video. and I loveeee it. Jaejin is the bassist of the band F.T Island but us fans knew he sang well all these while. He didn't disappoint! <3

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