Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random Photos

On Tumblr, there are a lot of types of photos and I particularly like one effect but I don't know what is it called. Grunge? Indie? Hipster??? 
I only know Pastel effect. but anyway, it's like using Curves and adjust the brightness to a certain blurry level but the photo is still sharp and then move the curve to the right with a vertical line to produce that shadowy feel. Like the Nandos chicken pic below. haha so the dark parts will be like smooth and not super dark but still dark. 

Okay I bet no one knows what I'm talking about, but if you happen to know, tell me what is that effect called. 

new leather belt. I don't like fancy belts. not my thingg. I never had a black leather one so here is it. 
Can wear to work next time :D

yup. the sudden transition because I cut my hair, my fringe and I regretted it but now I'm just neutral. Hair is non-existence during exam days because it doesn't matter. tie it up anyways. 
On a side note, I'm in a life crisis where my face is pong till back to pong pong face days. okay la, all these while pong but sometimes also will thin a bit. 
Now, no idea. don't care, studying is more important and when you are stressed, you gain weight, and when you gain weight, you feel more stressed, more stressed then you eat more. LOL. 

When everyone everyone me is slimming down, I don't know what I'm doing in this pig state really. 
lol. so useless.  

okay, you need to be mentally prepared for the picture below.
Because... on that very day, my double eyelids became so clear. for like 2 minutes. I can actually control it lah. like "make" it appear. idk why, only that night. maybe my eyes were too strained. when my eyes are tired, they can actually be double double. but only a little. that day was really too much. haha
Normally, I'm an inner double eyelid person which is totally equivalent to single eyelid because what's the use of having inner eyelid?! which shortens your eyelashes because it is folded inside -_________-

So, okay, this is how I look with double eyelids. not nice. weird. 
and I know there are definitely people out there like me, where double eyelid tapes and glue won't work on my eyes. sadlifebrbitotallyfeelyou. 

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