Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Photos

Random photos post again!
Because I usually take pictures here and there any time at random.


 Cup noodles while studying. What to do. lol. No wonder so unhealthy these days.

spot the Power Ranger plate below.

dinner at Gold Choice. Chocolate. bestttt.

 Ramen Carbonara. 

While being curious which eye is nicer...

 Haribo Starmix is THE BEST. seriously the best. Thank you cousins!

 hahahaha loll. Cottage Fries fanatic. It was cheap that day. only RM1.99 at Tesco Extra. HAD TO BUY. gave two to cousins. haha
Double Decker was bought just for fun. loll. saja. 
share share with sis and dad okay. not just me. but I ate a lot also... which then again explains.... fat and unhealthy.

 duckie pancoat tee.

studying. spot Sungjae, taking a break. Binomial. the easiest in Derivatives. Thank god it came out in exam. phew. 

and you have two me again. heh. 

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