Sunday, June 09, 2013

Suria Meriang Sdn. Bhd. Staff Sales 2013 Penang: My Haul!

Just got home from the Suria Meriang Sales at Cititel Hotel. Mummy got us the invitation cards (mum works at Cititel) so we went in the morning. We didn't reach super early like those people in KL, who starts queuing at 3am -__-
We reached about 9.50am and the sale starts at 10am. The queue is not even that long here. If you go google Suria Meriang Sales in KL, their queue is crazy. Very fortunate, or maybe not many invitations were given out or no one in Penang knows about it. 

It's actually like warehouse sales but it's all about make up, perfume, skincare products at really cheap prices. Have to check the manufacturing date though. So we kinda forgo some items because the manufacturing date were like too long ago. We only bought those made in 2012. 

We had such big bags at first then we sat down and removed a lot of things. The rule is not to spend on anything that we won't possibly use or we don't need :X That really clear a lot of things away. 
I like pretty make up but I don't put on make up all the time. Maybe erm. once in three months? LOLL. 
Anyway nowadays, I sometimes draw my eyebrows and put on the Revlon Lip Kissable Balm Stain too, sometimes....... BUT, no worries la, my sister will use the make up hehe, then I want to learn to put on make up too. We didn't buy any complicated make up products though, just the basics. 

Total haul excluding a Bobbi Brown eyeliner which sister took it out already, and dad's perfume.

 this set is RM70. Contains a Bobbi Brown Black Extreme Party Mascara, Jet Mini Long-Wear Eye Pencil and a Makeup remover. so worth it. it's a party set actually. no eye pencil to show you, sister took it and went out with friends. 

 MAC Nail Polish
Comes in a set. RM30, which means only RM10 each. ngeh ngeh want to buy for my sister. I actually gave her two sets, another with yellow neon colour, but we ditched that in the end.
ohya, I also saw MAC's fake eyelashes were selling 2 for RM30, is that cheap, that's cheap right? loll.

 Bobbi Brown's lipstick set. RM100. I really like this oneeee. 
the colours are so niceee. whole family can use haha

 Estee Lauder Nutritious Purifying 2 in 1 Foam Cleanser. RM60. The original price is RM110. lol. 
Not sure how good is this but reviews were really good. Wanted to buy new cleanser. I felt that my face or hormones had gone wrong. Wanted a change to see if it gets better. 
I chose Origins Hydrating Set too at first. but ditched that in the end. wanted both, but mum said I would end up having too much, can't finish using. true though...

 Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. RM40. 
The colour is slightly darker than the pic above, 
but okay la, need darker colours to cover dark circles. and not like my sis or me are  fair-skinned anyway. 

 RM30 Tommy Hilfiger Loud Perfume. for daddy. 

 Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and Advanced Time Zone set. RM135. for mummmyyyyyy. so cheappp too. the advanced night repair line is expensive I knoww.

below are some low quality pictures taken in the low light situation 
sorry for the blur, seriously, no chance to take proper pics also. girls hands everywhere. it wasn't that crazy squeezy like the pictures other bloggers took in KL, but still there were quite a crowd. 
Bobbi Brown. 
everything is so worth it and cheap omg. just that I don't use. no point buying. what a waste.  

cashier area


wanted this. so cheap okay. end up not buying. because idk how to use it anyway. LOL
there are also MAC glitter eyeshadows selling 4 for RM80 but since we don't use.. so yeah. I actually thought of buying them and come back to sell but aiya, later no one wants to buy. 

our haul of the day

 sister and I. in the morning.

 the invite.

and my pale face, too much stress. haha. 
I have to go back to studyingggg. :(

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