Friday, June 21, 2013

World War Z

So I watched World War Z. I don't like the movie.....
The trailer looked cool and awesome and there's Brad Pitt so I wanted to watch it so badly. But really, what a let down. Maybe I'm not a fan of zombies...... and honestly, it scared me, had to be prepared to close my eyes with my hands all the time. loll I can't tell you how scary because I don't know what's going on when I close my eyes. but let me warn you, when you feel there's gonna be something popping/appearing out of nowhere, better close your eyes if you are as coward-y as I am. lol lol

Now You See Me is still my favourite movie so far. heh.

by the way, Instagram launched their latest update with video function. Like Vine but better, with filters, and less laggish for me. Vine is too laggish on Android.
I took a video of me choosing shoes before leaving the house:

I even took a video clip made up off me driving, the road, me walking, movie tickets, showing you what's in my bag and even said hi.... but I went into the cinema and there's no wifi so I couldn't upload it. When the movie is over, the video disappearedddddd from the Instagram feed. (Usually if you fail to update, there will still be a retry button..) It's gone. very sad. very.

Then shopping time, bought a dark grey denim jacket from Uniqlo. heh.
Here's another Instagram video:

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