Thursday, July 04, 2013


Dinner over the weekend. Was craving for Nando's! 
Finally took out my Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie to wear again since it rains a lot these days. Love the weather. heh. 

the more I look at it, the cuter it is. 

 yo sister!

dumb face with my phone and sister's. 

sister's and mine. That day, the coleslaw lack quality aiyooo. and we asked for drumstick but they didn't give us. I was too hungry to ask for a change or whatever. haha

jeng jeng jeng. deng deng deng. no caption for my pictures. 

when this post is posted, I will be in Genting Highlands already. YAYYY. Cold weather here I comeee. 
Funny how I have so many long sleeves to choose from while packing. :D

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