Friday, July 19, 2013

130704 Genting Highlands Part 2

两个白痴. hahaha

 expensive and not delicious food. we found a very good claypot tomyam that we ate it twice. 
I will blog about it later. 

hi sis. I took a similar pic too but I just realized that it's photobombed -.-
'tourist shots' are hard to take, you have no idea how many photo bombs are there all the time. loll

I offered to help a family take group photo. loll. Because the kids were busy taking turns to take a pic of the other three without themselves in it. LOL. 
So, who took this pic of me? mum? sis? lol

haha sister love haiiii :D

Space Shot. not a very nice view because the fog came after and then it rained throughout the night.

 I was so disappointed that they closed down Corkscrew for maintenance. ughhhhh. I could ride this for a few times and still think it's awesome. danngggg why closedddd.

kpop star at Dinosaurland

 the craziest fastest ride ever. It's more extreme than the roller coaster seriously. You won't know the feeling if you haven't tried it. The speed is SO FAST. FAST until you can't even see a thing. All a blur. and my sister was squeezed against me uncontrollable. It goes forward at top speed, slow down then go backwards at top speed. BACKWARDS. Let me tell you, if there's something like roller coaster backwards, then the feeling will be close to this one. 

 we kept bumping into this family. they are so beautiful. The mum too! She looks like Jennifer Lawrence.

Bumper Boat

 scenery from Mini Train ride.

 The awesome claypot tomyam I mentioned earlier. It's really nice! 
It's located in the food court (clayport stall), food court beside the lift and Chatime. 1st Floor I think. 

 Claypot chicken rice. so so.

the art area where people draw portraits and produce artworks.

I underestimated the photos we took. I think this needs a Part 3. lolll

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