Tuesday, July 23, 2013

130704 Genting Highlands Part 3

Finally, day 1 photos are all posted. 

I'm scheduling this to be posted tomorrow evening. Not sure if I came home from work yet.
Anyway, today as in 22nd of July, is my first day of work. 
I met a lot of awesome people and they are all nice and friendly and made my first day kinda happy actually. haha.


Alright, back here:

 the artist drawing with fine pen or something like that from a picture. at the art area I posted in the previous post.

here comes the pattern lady. where can I possibly wear a shirt with this jacket again.


went out for a walk and some shopping. Superman. 

 we even bought Starbucks and chilled. 

photo bombers.

finally. haha

lastly, that's all for Day 1. 

now my back hurts, shoulder hurts too idk why. wanted to post up more photos of my sister but then nevermind. she will handle hers herself. haha

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