Sunday, July 28, 2013

130705 Colmar Tropicale

Buffet breakfast at the resort at Genting Highlands. 
Not very delicious looking pictures because I was too hungry! Simply snapped and then rushed to take food already. But the food is not bad though.

 And of course, my all time favourite. Sausages and Chicken Balls. 

then we checked out.

 breathtaking scene on the way down the hill. 
Above clouds.

after a long long journey of winding roads and feeling nauseated, finally arrived at Colmar Tropicale just for photos sake..
We went there before when I was 11, so after 11 years, we came back. 
But really, I wouldn't go there again unless I don't have to endure all the crazy roads. Literally felt like puking the whole time when we reached there. 

yo sis

love the pink windows.

heart shaped leaves.

 one of my favourite pictures of the day.

now here here, there's a small pond with two black swans and two white swans. Seeing them up close, the white one is really beautiful, especially the feathers. No wonder black swans are always said to be "jealous". LOL. The black one has more rough feathers.
I also took a video to be posted on Instagram:

 feathers close up.

the stairs to Japanese garden. nope, totally don't feel like it so we left. haha.

then... lunch time at Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid. and of course shopping!

promo at that time for Independence Day. RM6.99 fish and chips.
it was so crowded but the service was good. We got served really quick. 

 Though the food lacks on presentation and no plates etc, to save their trouble, it was still pretty good. heh.

sister :D

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