Sunday, July 21, 2013


Two books that I have read during the past week.

Slammed - Colleen Hoover
This book is different from the typical so-called chick flick because somehow it's more in-depth. The author wrote it really well. The characters are portrayed in a way that in the end, they make you understand something.
It's hard to explain but this book is beautiful and powerful.
It's about this girl who had to deal with grief from the death of her father, moved to a new place and met this older boy who lives across the street. Sounds typical, I thought so at first. But very quickly, there are some problems. And this book focuses on using poems to express, where they have a poem class and had to perform etc etc. And the story about their little brothers, family, friends.

It's a very moving story, compelling read and it sucked me in so I read it until 2am last night. lol. teary here and there.
This is one of those books that touched my heart have me rate it with 5 stars.

Night - Elie Wiesel
This is not one of those books everyone likes to read but I think everyone must read. lol. Including The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.

Both books are about the Holocaust. But Night is a book written by himself, a Jew victim during the Holocaust.
It makes me question why aren't we taught about the Holocaust in schools in Malaysia.
It's one of those important history events where 1.6 million Jews were killed.
Not important to be known by us?! lol.
If their reason is that we have to study about the history of Malaysia then there's something I felt that is slightly out of place in the History subject, mainly taught in Form 4, not related to history but related to religion, ironically taught in History. History of the Religion... oh well.

Anyway, back to this book. So, Elie Wiesel recalled all his horrifying and personal memories during the time where he was treated like a slave. No, worse than that. He's lucky to be honest. To be able to survive. When I read this book, all I thought was he's lucky, very very lucky. There's so many events that could have let him killed. Yet, he made it.
He talked about how he lost his mum and sister, not knowing that that's the last time he will see them. Then some time after, he lost his father. The story with his father was so realistic and makes you question about human conscience and how much we are willing to do for our family in hard times. I wish he wrote more in detail though. The original longer version wasn't translated to English so I can't read it.

I can't stress this more, but everyone, literally, should read more or less one story about the Holocaust survivors. For quite some time, I was so engrossed in searching and reading every survivor story. And they are all lucky.

On a sidenote, I wonder if anyone ever read what I write about books. haha. I guess not. But I enjoy writing them. And if you happen to read everything I have written, then you must be able to read books. So, go read them!

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