Friday, July 12, 2013


Since the internet was super slow, I simply chose a few movies I have downloaded to watch.
Not movie reviews I'm writing here, just my thoughts. I never liked telling stories or even short introduction about movies to people who have never watched it unless they say they are not gonna watch it then I will go into real detail. haha.
As for me, usually I watch trailers and mark it down as a potential nice movie then totally forget the stories in the trailers. It's better that way for me. More exciting.

I didn't expect it to be nice honestly, didn't even know James McAvoy was in it. Bonus!
It's a movie about a girl with a curse to have a pig nose (yup, Penelope), and was looking for someone to break the curse. Then here comes James McAvoy... and the story is simple but not THAT simple. There's a twist to it. Watch it! But I think it's a girl kinda movie.

Oz the Great and Powerful
This is of course a fantasy type of movie, so the story may be a little bit like fairytale-ish. But I have to say the graphics, colours and everything is very nice. The story may be a little bit boring at the start but I like the near ending part. James Franco reminds me so much of Dave Franco. Both handsome brothers. haha. and I didn't know Mila Kunis is in this movie.

Olympus Has Fallen
It is another movie about White House under attack. I personally prefer White House Down because it's less violent. But Olympus Has Fallen has more suspense, more story and more action. so yeah. Still, the shootings in this movie made me feel so uncomfortable. Like one shot, the person could have died, what for shoot another 5 more. And so many shots to the head so cruel. whyyy. Just me and my preference la haha.
White House Down has funny comedy moments and this one is real serious. lol. And after these two movies, I think that the President should have some sort of combat training, gun training and must keep fit. Who knows, when emergency happens. lol lol.

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