Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pacific Rim

okay, I'm very a little obsessed with the movie Pacific Rim now. Watched it with Zhu Lian today. The only regret is I didn't watch it in 2D. Queensbay doesn't have 2D for this movie today.

my wallpaper *points below. click to enlarge. it's super HD.

Can someone release the PSP version of the game?! LOL. so old school. the only surviving game device I have now. Playstation died. It's on Android but so expensive -.- Waiting for the cracked version :3
I want to fight the Kaijus!

By the way, if you haven't watch the movie, you should. Then again, I wouldn't recommend you to watch the trailer first. Just trust me. HAHA

It's a movie about robots/ human-controlled machines called Jaegers. To defend against the Kaijus (alien monsters) LOL.
It's so awesomeee. I love the mechanics, the technology and everything.
And if you know me, you should know I love robot-like stuff. lol like Iron Man and Buzz Lightyear.

SO, Mcdonald's SHOULD release Jaegers. Seriously, I don't care about minions but I want Jaegers. I would go queue if it's necessary. hahahah

A Mark-3 jaeger- Gipsy Danger's blueprint. haha 
of course I like her the most. yup it's a her as referred in the movie. HAHA
In the movie, it's hard to really look into the details of these Jaegers so I came home and googled. Of course, awesome findings.
Spoilers here so don't click if you haven't watch:

I'm not gonna post more blue prints if not I will accidentally reveal my inner geek. 
by the way, my finals results came out yesterday and I'm really really satisfied, like really.
And I'm starting work on Monday. See how it goes. Maybe I will blog about it, maybe not. 

Have a good night everyone! :D

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