Monday, July 08, 2013

Random Photos

Once in a while, I will clear pictures from my phone into my computer. Here you have them again!
Most of them are food pictures. haha

oh hai. skin was better months ago. If anyone has any ideas about why my hormones change when I'm so old alreadyy and cause breakouts on my face, please tell me. :'( 

Cordon Bleu at LK Western Food

Sushi King

I like tofuuuuu.

of course Starbucks. 


Sushi King again!

random bbq at home when we are in the mood. LOL. Very unhealthy food I know. dang, I'm probably the most unhealthy person everrr.

Nasi Pattaya Special from Tesco Extra food court. the best. 

and me. 

ohya, Sushi King now charges for greentea. -___- mehhhh. 

dimsum at maxim with aunt and cousins :D

Ice Cream from drive thru McD

sister and I. <3

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