Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Taobao Haul

Not really a haul la. haha this time we bought less stuff. I got myself a cartoon cars casing and a few tech stuff.
Other casings belong to my sister's friends and herself.

 I bought the first one on the left. I wish I bought spongebob toooooo. so cuteee

 Best thing I bought. The card reader for smart phones. 
I got myself the USB OTG too but this smart reader is much more convenient. All cards supported and even USB. So now, I don't even need a pc to transfer pics from dslr to my phone to post on Instagram. hehh.
So awesomeee and super convenient especially when travelling. 

 tadaaa! so awesome righttttt. haha

 helped cousin buy this. 

 sister's and her friends casings.
super cheapp.

tried with my keyboard. it works too. :D


Fion Paris 별 ☮ said...

the galaxy casing is soooo nice <3

Anonymous said...

Hi. May I have the link for the smart reader? :)

♡ Chia Yi ♡ said...