Friday, August 02, 2013

130731 Lunarich

I skipped a few to be updated posts to post this just because. lol.
It's so scary how time flies. In a blink of an eye, I have been a working adult for 2 weeks already. haha. So fast! 
And I have to say, I kinda like where I am and what I'm doing. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be challenging and tough soon, but I think I can do it... hopefully? haha. 

Anyway, here's some food pictures!
From Lunarich. Went there yesterday with my team/department for appreciation lunch. 

the Calzone is really nice!!!

Me outside the cafeteria. There's a lot of mirrors in the building. Really. and I thought I need at least one picture in Dell so....
my cube at work. still empty. lol. so chun the time at 11:11. 

Now, this one needs a big introduction. 
My senior in FDP (so many people asked me what's FDP... we are a group of awesome youngsters. period. I'm kidding, not. haha. click here if you really wanna know). 

Okay *drumrolls* Introducing Win Nee
This is not a good picture of me but this is the only picture and she looks pretty, so if you read this WinNee jie jie, feel touched please. haha.

She's transitioning her job and projects to me before she rotates out to other department so I'm so glad she's so caring and helpful. lol. Imagine how lost I will be if she just dumps everything on me...
Also, not forgetting the other super lovely and sweet FDP mates, ahemm.. 
In short, everyone is super niceeeee which made my first day at work less scary and the following week and the following.. haha 
And I'm also the youngest in the group. Which is so weirddd. When in college, classmates and I were like the "aunties" of the college. Then now, I'm the youngest in both my team and FDP.

I'm so in the mood typing this because of summer hours and I get to go home early. Feeling so energetic. haha

Lastly, a picture of my work lappie..

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