Saturday, August 31, 2013

130818 Day 1 Xiamen, China

A picture is worth a thousand words. 
Hence, this post will have a lot of photos and I will write less. (ahem.. an excuse for not writing..)

Okay la, here we go.
Day 1. 

The weather was really really hot and we were super hesitant to go out, but it's the only day we have a full day of free time. It was a Sunday. Our activities start on Monday. 

We got to the hotel around 3-ish in the afternoon, checked in and when I was about to wash my face, I realized that I forgot my cleanser. 
Nicola wanted to get shampoo as well so we head out. From the hotel receptionist, we got to know that there's a supermarket in front of the hotel. 

Once we stepped out, we started to sweat like mad already. It's hotter than Penang :(
However, there were like kids having skating lessons, people walking around, car exhibition. lol. 
I realized that I stopped taking pictures once we went into the supermarket as it was super chaotic, which is underground, sort of under this compound in the picture below. 

They have Nike, Adidas, Watsons (the chinese name is super lol, 屈臣氏, why?!), but comparatively expensive. meh. We got cup noodles of different flavours, and also, I had to translate chinese for all the "bananas". It was super hilarious sometimes, seeing the chinese translations for english names of things we already know. 


our hotel. The Westin Xiamen.

Nicolas also taking photos. loll

 skating lessons.
At night, the China FDP senior and another local FDP batchie, Jia Wei brought us to Lujiang Harbourview Hotel to eat dim sum. 
So weird eating dim sum at night. 

 a lot of tourists. 

Xiamen International Bank


 yup, this is the hotel. very happening outside and somehow has Esprit shop in the hotel. loll

the food. all below. very different from our dim sum.....
I personally like prawns only I guess...

 Durian kuih. lol

 group picture! 
Alright, an introduction from left: JieEn, YiTing, JiaWei, Frank, WenJia, Nicola, Henry, Vanessa, Nicolas and me!

the hotel. 

 we went 中山路 to walk around, buy snacks. 
It's one of the tourist spots there as what we were told. So many snack shops, so crowded.

 The famous milktea shop. 
So many people were taking pics outside this shop. 
So, we joined in the fun. haha

Lastly, you have a picture of me!

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