Monday, August 26, 2013

130818 Flight and Hotel

The title is mainly because, there's too many photos I took from the plane and in the hotel. lmao. and in fact not much taken outside. I guess I will put the other photos in another post. 

So, I went to Xiamen, China for FDP Bootcamp for a week with fellow FDP batchmates and one special ADP as well. 

The bootcamp mainly was for training, listen to presentations and learn more about FDP and Dell. It was super tiring but definitely there were still fun moments.
One thing that made us extra exhausted --> we felt the weather was hotter than Penang. lol. no kidding. 

I will elaborate more about the city in my next few posts. haha. 

I particularly love this two photos. Combination of sky and wing and city lights. 
Needs the right plane height and angle hahaha

then we went above clouds. Manage to catch the sunrise. 
The clouds looked amazing. 

And this one, I don't even know why there's such cloud formation. loll. Looks like tornado or something. 
Beautiful nevertheless.

then here comes daylight.

Big Bang Theory in the plane.

nasi lemak... since I went to China, and the rest were curious about us. 
I have been looking up on what are the chinese names of our food. 
 lollol we told them it's literally "oily rice". and I recalled that nasi lemak is 椰浆饭.

heading to the hotel from the airport

Best hotel ever. So grateful we got to stay there. Not only I thought so. haha. 
Westin Xiamen Hotel. International 5 star chain of course awesome and it was better than what I expected. 

Well known for their super nice signature bed. I was at the point where I was like, I need to buy this bed. 
Rolling in this bed alone at night is just so niceeee.

the automatic window curtains was so fun to play with. LOL
I felt like living a "taitai" life. Go in bathroom press curtains. and tada, city view. 
Even the curtain panes in the rooms worked the same as well. So it's like wake up in the morning, tada. lolll
I'm one appreciative guest of the hotel. Must utilize everything. 

forgot to bring ipod. so this wasn't utilized. lol. 

love the smell of the conditioner. and the housekeeping people found that I finished the body wash and gave me two more bottles. very touched. lol lol.

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I love the airplane picture =)
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