Saturday, August 10, 2013

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

So, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The long awaited movie. 
Not so much for my sister, because she was still against the whole book-different-from-movie storyline in the First movie- the Lightning Thief. 
We both are big fans of the books and it seems like I'm more accepting and tolerating. hahaha

We went and watch it yesterday, it didn't disappoint me much because I didn't have high expectations since the first one sort of ruined my imagination in every possible way. LOL. 

But, in the second movie's defence, Annabeth got her blond hair finally. Because really, hair colour differences sort of matter. LOL. The story also didn't sway too far away from the books, which is good! (the director changed btw)

And as I quote a review website, this "family-friendly fantasy sequel" is indeed family friendly somehow. lol. So, don't expect crazy actions.

Nevertheless, my advice is don't expect too much. But it's still a nice movie! :D
It could be better but I guess it's hard. The books are not easy to be made into a movie. so yeah. 
I really really recommend you to get the books though! Especially the first book. 

Proof of being a fan since forever. LOL. 
And indeed, the first movie did frustrate me... :(
My book looks so old and worn out. I can't remember why this book attracted me at the bookstore at that time, but I'm glad I bought it and read it before the movies come out. haha

Now, my next anticipation is Divergent! 
Best selling book and definitely/hopefully gonna be a good movie franchise. 

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