Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random Photos

Will be heading elsewhere during the whole next week and I'm afraid I won't be able to update my blog.
Hopefully I can though!

A lot of things are going on right now, stress and everything.
I need to buckle up and be better. Especially at work.
I somehow kinda like my job, but the part where it's super stressful and I feel like I don't know anything.. haih. It will get better I guess :)


As usual, food. Asiansatwork. lol.

Nippon Yataimura with uncle and aunt.

super yummy ahhhh

Tong Pak Fu. Mango moments.

First time at Paragon. Nothing to buyyy.  lol. 

I didn't take the photos below. Kent took it. 
It was during the CSR Event I joined the first week I was with Dell.
For the first time ever, I felt like oh, CSR is real. Hahah. I mean like we always study about it in classes and it's not like a "reality" sort of thing to us. We only write and brag about how good it is in essays :X
But it's fun. We did charity work at Penang Buddhist Association. I cleaned so many windows and mopped the floor.

my FDP seniors Larissa and WinNee. 
Will they kill me if they know I post their pictures in my blog? haha. 
Haven't seen Larissa for some time, she went back to Vietnam for a weekk.

Me and them. Kherly has known me since I was a kid and coincidently she's in my department as well.
She was kidding how she's oldest of the bunch in the pic. haha

And Nicolas, my semester batch mate in FDP/the MC of the day was forced to take a pic with us as well.

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